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+370 675 37648

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The company "Benedico" offers consumers a very high-quality products: soft drinks, natural mineral and drinking water. Today, drinks and water brand "Benedico" are in demand not only in Lithuania, but also abroad - Poland, Latvia, Great Britain, () which once again confirms the consistently high quality of our products. The use of new technology, high quality raw materials is essential for the production of competitive products.

Company news
  • 90 products of Benedico brand name

    The company Benedico the end of 2015 plans to expand the range of offered products to 90 names. Stable demand for beverages and market requirements, as well as the possibility of production facilities enable us to expand our range of products. Each of our products has a range of customers, who are always glad to new products. Flexible production and...


  • World leader in the production of soda promises to make their drinks safe

    Coca-Cola has issued a statement: it removes controversial flavor stabilizer of some drinks. It is noteworthy that a similar statement at the beginning of the year made it the main competitor - the company PepsiCo Inc. It is about brominated vegetable oil, which is fire retardant and flame retardants containing bromine. According to Reuters, Coca-Cola removed the dangerous ingredient of...


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Our company philosophy – environmentally friendly and harmless products for all occasions, from everyday work to happy holidays. For 10 years we have worked with more than 120 sales representatives in Europe and in that time have accumulated a lot of experience and well-deserved accolades consumers.
We offer a wide range of products in different packages. On our site you will find all the information you need about our products and activities.
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