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The company «Benedico» started to work in Lithuania at 1996, in Vilnius district. The successful years of work have allowed production to grow and conquer the markets in Estonia, Latvia, Poland and the Scandinavian countries. Our plans for the future – to come to the United States market and to provide consumers with our wide assortiemnt drinks.

The main objective of the company «Benedico»: to provide the consumer correctly balanced drinks, which are suitable for the human body.

The range of drinks of our company is constantly expanding, in addition to carbonated juice-based beverages, we produce mineral water and other soft drinks. The exclusivity of our company is that we can offer more than 90 different types of beverages. This allows consumers to remain loyal to us.

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Company news
  • 90 products of Benedico brand name

    The company Benedico the end of 2015 plans to expand the range of offered products to 90 names. Stable demand for beverages and market requirements, as well as the possibility of production facilities enable us to expand our range of products. Each of our products has a range of customers, who are always glad to new products. Flexible production and...


  • World leader in the production of soda promises to make their drinks safe

    Coca-Cola has issued a statement: it removes controversial flavor stabilizer of some drinks. It is noteworthy that a similar statement at the beginning of the year made it the main competitor - the company PepsiCo Inc. It is about brominated vegetable oil, which is fire retardant and flame retardants containing bromine. According to Reuters, Coca-Cola removed the dangerous ingredient of...


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